Peak Design CapturePro

Cost: $79.95 

Product description: The CapturePRO® Camera Clip is our flagship, pro-quality camera carrying solution. Carry any camera on any backpack strap, belt or bag. All-aluminum, extra-durable construction. Compatible with multiple tripod types, and can be used as a tripod head itself.

This CapturePRO comes with our new PROplate which combines the functionality of the three previous PROplates into one new PROplate.

Product specifications: 

  • SKU/Part Number: CP-2
  • CapturePRO Weight: 110g
  • PROplate Weight: 30g
  • Clip Dimensions: 4.1 in (10.4 cm) x 2.05 in (5.2 cm) x 1.1 in (2.8 cm)
  • Warranty: Lifetime

Laura's impressions: This is a very effective product that I use to carry my camera in a convenient place, on my pack's shoulder strap. It's a big improvement over my previous system where I dropped the camera into a bag on a strap over my shoulder (the strap ran under my pack). Although I did get some added warmth from the bag hanging just above my waist, it was an extra hassle when taking off or putting on my pack and I'd often carry it uphill as it would sometimes bang on my knees.

But back to the CapturePro. It worked quite well with my previous full-size Canon, and now even better with my compact Olympus. I may need to work on adjusting the catch mechanism, though. I sometimes have trouble unclipping the camera fast enough to get the shot I want, and even more often I fumble around trying to re-engage it in the clip. You must pull out or push in very straight line or it catches. Other than that, the process operates smoothly and I’m satisfied. I do have to be extra careful now when removing my pack since the camera is hanging right on the strap. And without the camera bag, I need to find some sort of light cover for rain and dusty days.

(Update: I still haven't found the perfect rain cover, but I bought a cheap, plastic, elastic-edged shower cap that I use to cover the camera in light rain and dusty areas.)

Italics indicate manufacturer's remarks and details.