...by Park (National Forest, Beach, etc.)

Angeles National Forest

      • Jackson Flats (dayhike)

      • Mt. Baden-Powell (dayhike)

      • Mt. Baldy (dayhike)

      • Slide Mountain Lookout (dayhike)


 Anza-Borrego State Park    [13 guides]


Arches National Park

      • Devil's Garden (dayhike)


Big Morongo Canyon Preserve

      • Marsh Trail / Desert Willow Trail (P.O.I.) 


Black Hills National Forest

      • Horsethief Lake Trail (dayhike)


Cachuma Lake Recreation Area

      • Lake Cachuma (kayak) 


Canyonlands National Park    [16 guides]


Carpenteria Bluffs Nature Preserve

      • Bluff loop (P.O.I.)


Carrizo Plain National Monument

      • *social trail* - Caliente Ridge Rd.  (dayhike)

      • Soda Lake Boardwalk (P.O.I.)

      • Soda Lake Overlook (P.O.I.)

      • Wallace Creek Trail (dayhike)


Caspers (Ronald W.) Wilderness Park    [38 guides]


Castle Rock State Park

      • Castle Rock Falls / Castle Rock (dayhike)

      • Indian Rock (P.O.I.)

      • Saratoga Gap Tr. / Summit Rock Loop Tr. (dayhike)


 Cleveland National Forest    [26 guides] 


Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park

      • Dune walk (P.O.I.)

      • Pullout (P.O.I.)


Crater Lake National Park

      • Mt. Scott (dayhike)

      • Sun Notch (P.O.I.)


 Crystal Cove State Park    [13 guides]


Dana Point, CA

   Dana Cove

      • Marina loop (kayak)

      • Tidepools and Sea Cave (P.O.I.)

   Dana Headlands

      • Headlands Bluff Walk (P.O.I.)

      • Hilltop Conservation Park - Red route (P.O.I.)

      • Marina-Bluff View (P.O.I.)

   Doheny State Beach

      • Dana Headlands (kayak)

      • Two buoy loop (kayak)


 Death Valley National Park    [10 guides]


Devils Postpile National Monument

      • Postpile / Rainbow Falls (dayhike)


Eldorado National Forest

      • Lyons Creek (dayhike)

      • Pyramid Creek Loop (dayhike)

      • Wrights Lake (dayhike)


Eureka, CA

      • Woodley Island (kayak)


Gaviota State Park

      • Beach to Backcountry Trail (dayhike)

      • Gaviota Peak (dayhike)

      • Tunnel View / Trespass Trail (dayhike)

      • Wind Caves (dayhike)


Grand Canyon National Park   [10 guides]


Great Basin National Park

      • Alpine Lakes Loop (dayhike)


Humboldt Lagoons State Park

      • Stone Lagoon (kayak)


 Inyo National Forest    [8 guides]


Irvine Ranch Open Space

   Bommer Canyon

      • Bommer Canyon (dayhike)

      • Cattle Crest / Shady Oaks (dayhike)

   Limestone Canyon

      • Limestone Canyon Short Loop (dayhike)  

      • The Sinks / Box Springs loop (dayhike)  


Irvine Regional Park

      • Childrens' Garden Trail (P.O.I.)

      • Harding Nature Trail (P.O.I.)

      • Perimeter loop - Irvine Regional Park (dayhike)


 Joshua Tree National Park    [52 guides]


La Jolla, CA

      • La Jolla Cove and sea caves (kayak) 


 Laguna Coast Wilderness Park    [29 guides]


Los Padres National Forest

      • Tequepis Trail (dayhike)

   Mt. Pinos Ranger District

      • Mt. Pinos / Sawmill Mtn. (dayhike)

   Ojai Ranger District

      • Cozy Dell Trail (dayhike)


MacKerricher State Park

      • Boardwalk (P.O.I.)

      • Lake Cleone (P.O.I.)

      • Pudding Creek Trestle (dayhike)


Mesa Verde National Park

      • Balcony House (P.O.I.)

      • Cliff Palace (P.O.I.)

      • Long House (dayhike)

      • Petroglyph Point Trail (dayhike)

      • Soda Canyon Overlooks (P.O.I.)

      • Square Tower House Overlook (P.O.I.)


Mojave National Preserve

      • Barber Peak Loop (dayhike) 

      • Nature Trail (P.O.I.)

      • Overlook (P.O.I.)

      • Rings Loop (dayhike)


Montaña de Oro State Park

      • Dune Loop (P.O.I.)

      • Spooner Cove (P.O.I.)

      • Valencia Peak / Badger (dayhike)


Mt. Rushmore National Memorial

      • Presidential Trail / Nature Trail (P.O.I.)


Mt. St. Helens National Volcanic Monument

      • Hummocks Trail (dayhike)


Newport Beach, CA 

      • Back Bay (kayak)

      • Muth Interpretive Center Nature Trail (P.O.I.)


Nojoqui Falls Park

      • Nojoqui Falls (P.O.I.)


O'Neill Regional Park

      • Arroyo Trabuco (dayhike)

      • Edna Spaulding Nature Trail (P.O.I.)

      • Live Oak / Hoffman Homestead (dayhike)


Palomar Mountain State Park

      • Boucher Hill Lookout (dayhike)

      • Doane Valley (dayhike)


Palos Verdes, CA

      • White Point (kayak)


Peters Canyon Regional Park

      • East Ridge View / Peters Canyon (dayhike)

      • Lake View Loop (dayhike)


Pinnacles National Park

   East Side

      • Bear Gulch / Chalone Pk. Trail (dayhike)

   West Side

      • High Peaks (dayhike)


Plumas National Forest

      • Frazier Falls (P.O.I.)

      • Mt. Elwell / Long Lake loop (dayhike)


Point Reyes National Seashore

      • Bear Valley / Sky Trail loop (dayhike) 


Rocky Mountain National Park

      • Alpine Ridge Trail (P.O.I.)

      • Forest Canyon Overlook (P.O.I.)

      • Tundra Communities Trail (P.O.I.)


Russian Gulch State Park

      • Sinkhole (P.O.I.)


 San Bernardino National Forest    [12 guides]


Santa Catalina Island


      • Wrigley Mem. / Garden to Sky Trail (dayhike)

   Trans-Catalina Trail

      • Airport in the Sky to Little Harbor (backpack)

      • Little Harbor to Two Harbors (backpack)


Santa Rosa Plateau

      • Granite Loop (P.O.I.)

      • Monument Hill (dayhike)

      • Vernal Pools (P.O.I.)


Santiago Oaks Regional Park

      • Nature Trail / Pacifica (P.O.I.)

      • Santiago Creek / Bobcat Meadow (dayhike)


Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Park (SEKI)    [15 guides]


Thomas F. Riley Wilderness Park

      • Riley Perimeter loop (dayhike)

      • Vista Point (dayhike)


Trinidad, CA

      • Trinidad Bay (kayak)


Van Damme State Park

      • Fern Canyon / Pygmy Forest (dayhike)

      • Pygmy Forest (P.O.I.)


Wheeler, OR

      • Nehalem Bay (kayak)


White River National Forest

      • Independence Pass (P.O.I.)

   Maroon Bells - Snowmass Wilderness

      • Maroon Lake / Scenic Loop (dayhike)


Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park

      • Borrego Canyon / Raptor Rd. (dayhike)

      • Borrego Canyon / Red Rock trail (dayhike)

      • Raptor Rd. / Coyote Brush Rd. (dayhike)


Wind Wolves Preserve

      • San Emigdio Canyon (dayhike)


 Yosemite National Park    [11 guides]


 Zion National Park   [12 guides]