Alpine Lakes Loop (dayhike)

Trip Date: 5/19/12

Location: Great Basin National Park

Permit/Pass: No fees.

Trails: NPS

Directions: From Highways 50/6 in eastern Nevada take Hwy. 487 south to the town of Baker. The Great Basin NP Visitor Center is on this road just before your turn so stop here for campground info or trail maps. Continue on 487 a few yards to Lehman Caves Rd. Turn right and follow the road to Wheeler Peak Scenic Dr. Turn right. Wheeler Peak Scenic Dr. end at a left turn which takes you to Wheeler Peak Campground. Before you get to the campground you'll see the Bristlecone parking area on your left across the road from the trailhead. Park here.

Trail sequence: Alpine Lakes Loop trail

Type: Loop

Distance: 2.7 miles

Elevation: Min. - 9928', Max. - 10423'

Rating: Easy-Moderate (considerations: elevation)

Synopsis: A lovely little jaunt through some alpine forests, including a stand of aspens, and past two pretty little lakes. The scenery is often breathtaking, and if you're sea level hikers like us, the elevation might take a bit of acclimation. A nice arrival-day warm-up hike.


Alpine Lakes Loop. Great Basin NP

Turn by Turn:

  -- From the parking lot, cross the street and pick up the trail. Besides the Alpine Lakes Loop, this trail also leads to a connector with the Bristlecone Pine trail as well as a short little interpretive walk. Cross the bridge, then, if you're taking the loop counterclockwise, take a right and head west, crossing a creek in the process.

  -- At the junction with the Wheeler Peak trail, stay left on the Alpine Lakes Loop trail.

  -- When you reach Stella Lake, the trail bends to the left (east). Follow it to Teresa Lake.

  -- After Teresa Lake you'll come to a fork in the path, the right connecting with the Bristlecone Pine trail. Take the left fork to circle back to the north and complete the loop.


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