Trinidad Bay (kayak)

 SA Report: Three days, three paddles

Trip date: 9/8/2013

Launch: Trinidad public boat launch, Trinidad Harbor. No fee.

Permit/Pass: None

Directions: From Highway 101 miles north of Eureka take exit and head west into the town of Trinidad on

Portage: None

Distance: 3.7 miles

Rating: Easy (factors: fog)

Synopsis: A very pretty place for an enjoyable paddle. From the protected beach launch (at the end of a public ramp) one can head out past the headland into open water where there are rock gardens to the north. Should the fog or swell be threatening you can stay along the shore where there are some interesting rocks and picturesque boats at anchor. The lounging harbor seals keep a close watch, but they don't seem too bothered if you maintain your distance.


Trinidad Bay - Trinidad Harbor


  -- I immediately worked my way southwest along the eastern side of Trinidad Head, keeping in mind the possibility that the wind might strengthen. After paddling far enough out to get a look at the rocks to the north I noticed several kayaks there. But before  I could head that way the harbor's foghorn started moaning loudly, and a glance to the west showed an extensive bank of clouds working their way toward the shore. Not having a time window that allowed potential delays, I turned east and headed to the rocks along the shore.

  -- Just inshore and north of Camel Rock there is a jumble of reefs that offer a bit of paddling fun. After spending a bit of time here I headed west along the shore past some napping harbor seals and then through some more inshore rocks.

  -- Wanting to paddle more, and having a few minutes left before needing to pack up and leave, I turned south again toward Prisoner Rock which, after I arrived, was revealed to have a cleft in it. So after one last rock paddle and gliding through the anchored fishing boats, I returned to the beach satisfied and wanting to paddle here again as soon as possible.


Photo Gallery: Trinidad Bay