Mt. Scott (dayhike)

SA Report: Volcanos past

Trip Date: 9/9/2013

Location: Crater Lake National Park

Permit/Pass: Car - $10.00 (7 day pass), Motorcycles, bicycles & pedestrians - $5.00 per person (7 day pass)

Trails: NPS map

Directions: The area of the park we visited can be reached from the south year round. From Interstate 5 in Medford OR, take Route 62 north, then east, then north, then east again (keep alert, although you're following 62 the whole way there will be turns you'll have to take). After just over 70 miles watch for the left turn into the park, then follow this road - Munson Valley Rd. for almost four miles until you come to Rim Drive on the right. Turn onto Rim Dr. and drive 12.2 miles to the Mt. Scott parking lot on your right. The trailhead is at the west end of the lot.

Trail sequence: Mt. Scott trail

Type: Out and back

Distance: 4.5 miles

Elevation: Min. - 7632', Max. - 8898'


Rating: Moderate-Difficult (factors: continual ascent, heat)

Synopsis: This is a straightforward hike. There are no navigation challenges. It's pretty much straight up and straight down. Of course the route is more gradual than that, and the scenery is quite beautiful with views of Crater Lake, Klamath Lake to the southwest, and mountain country all around, but there is very little relief from the ascent, so be prepared. Mt. Scott is the highest point in Crater Lake NP and it's a great place to get one of the best views in the park.


Mount Scott Crater Lake NP

Turn by Turn:

  -- The trail begins at the west end of the parking lot up a short rise next to the Mt. Scott sign.

  -- There are no junctions or spurs to be concerned with. Follow the path up a long barely winding path as it circles from the south around to the east. After just under a mile and a half you come to the first switchback.

  -- Several more switchbacks take you to the top. Follow the ridge to the north where you find the lookout tower.

  -- Retrace your steps back to the parking area.


Photo Gallery: Crater Lake Mt. Scott