Raptor Rd. / Coyote Brush Rd. (dayhike)

Trip date: 12/4/2013

Location: Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park 

Permit/Pass: Day use (weekday) - $3, (weekend) - $5, Annual Pass ($55 or $80)

Trails: Park map 

Directions: From CA Hwy 241 (Foothill Transportation Corridor Toll Road) in Foothill Ranch take the Alton Pkwy exit east to the intersection with Portola Pkwy. Turn right onto Portola Pkwy and drive 1.2 miles to Glenn Ranch Rd. Turn left on Glenn Ranch Rd. and proceed for just over a half mile to a left turn into the Staging area for this part of Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park. If you don't have a county pass, remember to pay at the machine.

Trail sequence: Raptor Rd. / LIve Oak trail / Serrano Rd. / Dreaded Hill Rd. / Water Tank Rd. / Whiting Rd. / Edison Rd. / Line Shack Rd. / Coyote Brush Rd.

Type: Loop

Distance: 4.8 miles

Elevation: Min - 806’, Max - 1603’



Rating: Moderate (factors: heat, steep ascent, bikes)

Synopsis: This hike traverses several different types of terrain, from exposed ridges to riparian canyons. If it's a hot day plan accordingly, saving the shady canyon areas for when the temps rise. There are views both to Catalina and Saddleback, but be prepared for plenty of mountain bikes.


Raptor Rd. / Coyote Brush Rd. - Whiting Ranch WP

Turn by turn:

  -- Access the Raptor Rd. trailhead from the west end of the parking area and head out and down past the utility tower before coming to Live Oak trail. Turn right (north) on Live Oak.

  -- After  under a half mile Live Oak merges with Serrano Rd. trail. Continue northeast for a short distance before coming to a junction with Line Shack trail on the right. Continue straight of Serrano Rd.

  -- Serrano Rd. eventually splits. To the right is Serrano Cow trail. To the left is Dreaded Hill Rd. Take the left fork (north) and head up Dreaded Hill. (Dreaded Hill is a fairly vigorous and unrelenting climb for a mile. Doing this trip in the reverse direction will offer more gradual ascents.)

  -- After Dreaded Hill trail tops out and swings to the west it comes to a junction with Water Tank Rd. Turn right (east) on Water Tank.

  -- A short walk on Water Tank Rd. brings you to the Four Corners area. There is a signboard and bench here. Across from the signboard is a turn onto Whiting Rd. Take this trail.

  -- Follow Whiting Rd. for a little over three quarters of a mile before it dead-ends at Edison Rd. Turn left (south) on Edison and walk a few yards before turning right (southwest) on Line Shack Rd.

  -- Stay left (south) on Line Shack as it splits with the right fork heading off on Serrano Cow trail.

  -- Line Shack ascends briefly, but a bit steeply, then heads in a generally southwest direction before turning to the south and meeting Coyote Brush Rd. leading off to the left (southeast). Take Coyote Brush Rd.

  -- Coyote Brush Rd. winds its way back and forth before finally settling on heading south toward Glenn Ranch Rd. and eventually dropping back down to the parking lot.