East Ridge View / Peters Canyon (dayhike)

Trip Date: 2/5/2014

Location: Peters Canyon Regional Park


Trails: OC Parks map, PDF map

Directions: From California Hwy. 241 (toll-road) take the Santiago Canyon Rd. exit and head west about a mile to an intersection with Jamboree Rd. Turn left onto Jamboree and drive the short distance to Canyon View Ave. Turn right onto Canyon View and move into the left lane in preparation for turning left into the entrance for Peters Canyon Regional Park.

Trail sequence: Lake View trail / Peters Canyon trail / East Ridge View trail / Eucalyptus trail / Peters Canyon/ Lake View / *Willow trail / Lake View

Type: Balloon loop

Distance: 4.8 miles

Elevation: Min. - 318', Max. - 672'


Rating: Moderate (factors: heat)

Synopsis: This is not a wilderness hike, as it's fronted on all sides by roads and houses. But it does travel along a ridge with some decent views and returns through impacted but still nice Peters Canyon on the east side of the creekbed (the west side is residential). Good mostly for those who live close and/or have small children.


East Ridge View / Peters Canyon - Peters Canyon Regional Park

Turn by Turn:

  -- After parking and, if you have no pass, obtaining a permit, find the Lake View trailhead at the east side of the parking area. There is no obvious trailhead signboard but the trail begins on the east side of the restrooms. Follow the path as it parallels the lot at first, then turns east along the road for a few yards, then turns south at the road intersection.

  -- A couple of hundred yards from the turn Lake View trail turns into Peters Canyon trail and continues south. After a little less than a mile the trail drop gradually to a fork. On the right Peters Canyon trail continues its gradual descent. On the left East Ridge View loop begins. Take the left fork.

  -- Almost immediately the trail climbs steeply, eventually reaching another fork, the right option of which drops a bit but continues the ridge hike. The left fork climbs again to a viewpoint and a bench. This hike takes the left fork and climbs.

  -- After admiring the view, continue south as the trail drops steeply but briefly down to the main trail. Continue south for about a mile and a half, passing connecting trails Gnatcatcher and Scout Hill on your right as you do.

  -- At about 2.5 total miles you reach the end of East Ridge View trail and begin the trip back on Eucalyptus trail as it descends and turns west, then north, then west again to meet the southern trailhead for Peters Canyon trail.

  -- Follow Peters Canyon trail north for almost two miles, closing the loop with East Ridge View trail as you go.

  -- As you near the road once again keep an eye out on your left for *Willow trail (this trail is closed from March to September). Turn left on Willow and follow the interpretive path as it cuts off the corner of this section of the hike.

  -- Willow dead-ends back at Lake View trail. Turn left (west) onto Lake View trail and follow it back to the trailhead and parking lot.