White Point (kayak)

Trip date: 11/15/2014

Launch: Cabrillo Beach, San Pedro CA

Permit/Pass: No entrance fees. Parking - $1/hour

Inspections: None

Directions: From Interstate 405 in Carson take Interstate 110 south toward San Pedro. As the 110 terminates it turns into Gaffey St. Follow Gaffey south a left turn onto 22nd St. Follow 22nd east for just a few blocks and watch for the sign on the right for Via Cabrillo-Marina. Turn right and follow VC-M a short distance before coming to Shoshonean Rd. Turn right on Shoshonean and proceed to the ticket booth. After taking a parking ticket continue south past the aquarium then veer left toward the beach. As you reach the circle keep an eye out for the somewhat disguised left turn that takes you out onto the spit. Pass the lifequard station and turn right into the parking lot next to the beach.

Synopsis: This can be an enjoyable paddle, with some nice scenery (Catalina to the south, cliffs to the north) and, depending upon the season and water temperature, excellent kelp beds. The amount of graffiti on some of the cliffs and buildings is a bit disappointing. And if you're not confident in your beach launching skills do your best to pick a day with calm conditions.

Portage: None

Type: Out and back

Distance: 5.7 miles

Time: ≈2 hours (I linger in the kelp beds)

Rating: Easy-Moderate (factors: offshore, beach launch and landing)

Paddling notes: There are a few nice reefs and rock gardens for inshore play, but the two days I've paddled here conditions haven't favored such activity. It may be that wave and current direction limit that option in this location.


Cabrillo Beach to White Point - Palos Verdes


  -- Gauge the wave sets carefully before launching (I was impatient once and got dumped here). After getting through the break head southwest toward the whistle buoy. Depending on the tide waves can rise up suddenly near the cliffs.

  -- As you near the buoy alter course slightly to the west to circle the point. As you round Point Fermin you'll paddle WNW to head for White Point.

  -- White Point isn't particularly prominent. There are some rocks just offshore and beach facilities on the low lying point.

  -- Return to circle Point Fermin and head northeast toward the landing.