Granite Loop (P.O.I.)

SA Report: The cradle seems to be rocking

Trip Date: 1/25/2015

Location: Santa Rosa Plateau Ecological Reserve

Permit/Pass: Day use: $3 each adult pedestrian, $2 each child between 2 and 12.

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Directions: From Interstate 15 in California between Wildomar and Murrieta take the Clinton Keith Rd. exit and head south on Clinton Keith Rd. 4.1 miles to a left turn into the Santa Rosa Plateau Ecological Reserve Visitor Center parking lot. This trip begins and ends on the back porch of the Visitor Center (which is a nice place to take lunch, a break, or just hang out and check out the exhibits).

Synopsis: This is a short and pretty trail that winds around the park's Visitor Center. The western half of the loop includes an interpretive trail that works its way through several different kinds of habitats, and on the eastern side there is a nice little picnic area for a lunch stop.

Trail sequence: Visitor Center connector trail / Granite Loop trail / Visitor Center connector

Type: Loop

Distance: 1.3 miles

Elevation: Min. - 1682', Max. - 1794'

Rating: Easy (factors: heat)

Trail Notes: Look for Chinese Houses, Whispering Bells, and other blooms during wildflower season.


Granite Loop - Santa Rosa Plateau Ecological Reserve

Turn by Turn:

 -- From the western side of the Visitor Center there is a little trail leading from the back patio that wanders east and then connects with the Granite Loop trail. When you reach the junction turn right and head southeast on the trail.

  -- After a short distance the trail turns to the southwest, then crosses Waterline Rd. Pick up Granite Loop on the other side.

  -- At about halfway through the hike the trail circles back to the north and heads through riparian, grassland and chaparral habitats before reaching the Center's parking lot. 

  -- Follow the trail across the parking lot and pick it up on the other side.

  -- Soon you circle back to the southeast and descend a bit down to the picnic area. Very quickly after this you return to the junction where you first picked up the Granite Loop trail. Be sure to rejoin the connector trail back to the Visitor Center to finish the hike.


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