Lake Cleone (P.O.I.)

Trip Date: 9/12/2015

Location: MacKerricher State Park


Trail maps: Brochure 

Directions: On California Highway 1 in Fort Bragg drive a little over three miles north to a left turn onto MacKerricher State Park Rd. After a few yards come to the kiosk and turn around immediately to enter the small parking area on the south side of the entrance. Find the trailhead for the Lake Cleone boardwalk and trail at the end of the lot (don't take the trail to the amphitheater).

Synopsis: A pretty, and short, loop around a lake that used to be a tidal estuary. The trail appears to see little traffic, so there may be some parts that are overgrown.

Trail sequence: Lake boardwalk / Lake trail / Mill Creek Rd. / MacKerricher SP Rd.

Type: Loop

Distance: 1.5 miles

Elevation: Min. - 13', Max. - 59'


Rating: Easy (factors: overgrown trail)

Notes: The boardwalk around the north side of the lake is in need of repairs so it's closed off. Once you reach the Lake Cleone parking area you'll have to follow Mill Creek Rd., and then the park entry road, back to your car.


Lake Cleone - MacKerricher SP


Turn by Turn:

  -- At the east end of the small parking area find the trailhead for this loop. There is a trail to the park amphitheater that you'll want to skip.

  -- After walking down the trail a bit you pick up the boardwalk. Soon you come to a junction - turn left to take the loop clockwise.

  -- As you pass along the south side of the lake the boardwalk turns into trail. Follow this trail around the lake as it turns to the north west and finally meets the road.

  -- Follow Mill Creek Rd back up to the right turn onto MacKerricher State Park Rd. A few yards brings you back to the entrance and your car.