Independence Pass (P.O.I.)

Trip Date: 8/20/2017

Location: White River National Forest

Permit/Pass: None

Trail maps: NA

Directions: From Aspen, follow Colorado Highway 82 east for 19.2 miles to the right turn into the Independence Pass parking area. This route is narrow, winding and precipitous and may be closed at certain times (check before you go). Also, there are sections that need to be passed one car at a time and others where cars going in opposite directions pass quite closely. If you have a huge pickup truck this may not be the best route for you.

Synopsis: This is a short stroll to a viewpoint, but the scenery is so expansive and beautiful, and the air so thin (you're at over 12,000') that it just might take your breath away.

Trail sequence: Independence Pass overlook trail

Type: Balloon loop

Distance: 0.3 miles

Rating: Easy (factors: altitude!)

Notes: You're hopping out of the car at over 12,000 feet of elevation here. Be attuned to your body, and aware of your limitations.

Track: Independence Pass - White River NF: AllTrails, GaiaGPS

Turn by Turn:

 -- Head south past the signage, following the paved path. The route is clear, offering a bit of a loop around from the view area. There are established trails in the area so please remain on these, rather than tromping off onto the delicate tundra for a selfie (as we saw several thoughtless people doing).

Photos: Flickr