Bright Angel Point (P.O.I.)

SA Report: Subverted expectations

Trip Date: 8/29/2017

Location: North Rim (Grand Canyon National Park)

Permit/Pass: Vehicle - $30, Motorcycle - $25

Trail maps:

Directions: From Kanab, Utah, take Hwy 89A (also S 100 E) south toward the Arizona state line. Follow 89A for 36.6 miles as it goes through Fredonia, Arizona (where it turns toward the east), then turns south again to head up onto the Kaibab Plateau. Upon reaching the Jacob Lake area turn right onto AZ-67 S. Follow the road south through the forest for 43.6 more miles, passing through the national park kiosk and finally reaching the parking area for the North Rim Visitor Center. After parking, find the trailhead at the east side (behind) of the visitor center and head south on the trail.

Synopsis: This is an iconic must-do trail for those visiting the North Rim Lodge area. The views into the canyon are typically spectacular, as are the long-distance vistas to the South Rim and Humphreys Peak well beyond.

Trail sequence: Bright Angel Pt. Trail

Type: Out and back

Distance: 1 mile

Elevation: Min. - 8140', Max. - 8240'


Rating: Easy (factors: altitude, paved path, steep sections)

Notes: This trail kind of wraps around the lodge after heading out to the point. We followed it east to another viewpoint, up some stairs into an interesting an secluded covered alcove, then back to the visitor center through the lodge cabins.

Track: Bright Angel Point - Grand Canyon NP: AllTrails, GaiaGPS

Turn by Turn:

  -- Pick up the trail behind the Visitor Center just past the interpretive kiosk. After a few yards turn south, leaving Roaring Spring Canyon on your left.

  -- It won't take long before you come to a fork in the paved path. Turn left to head out to the point. This will descend somewhat steeply at times, finally coming to a breathtaking overlook. Upon returning to this junction take a left to travel along the south side of the lodge.

  -- A short distance brings you to another left turn out to a viewpoint that includes Transept Canyon. Once done and returned to this junction, a left will take the hiker on the northbound Transept Trail. To follow this track turn right and climb the paved spur trail to the lodge's balcony area, and then return to the Visitor Center through the cabins.

Photos: 2017/8-29, 2017/8-30

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