San Bernardino National Forest

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Cucamonga Wilderness    
 Cucamonga Peak (dayhike) Difficult 11.7 miles
Synopsis: A classic hike to one of the prettiest peaks and views in the mountains northeast of L.A. Though technically in the San Bernardino NF, this hike is much like the trip up to Mt. Baldy - it gains similar elevation and travels similar distance. Plan to spend a good part of your day doing this one, and plan to get to the parking lot very early. But it is definitely worth the time and effort.
 Mormon Rocks (dayhike) Easy 0.8 miles
Synopsis: A quick and fun little trail to take if you've only got limited time and want to get a better view of the unique rock formations in this area. The place is very accessible and the trail quite impacted (many people leave the trail to climb in the rocks).
Idyllwild County Park    
 Nature Loop (P.O.I.) Easy 0.7 miles
Synopsis: This is a short, very easy stroll - good for kids and grandparents. There are plenty of benches, some interpretive signs, and, if the hike is extended, even some views. Be sure to visit the Nature Center.
San Gorgonio Wilderness    
 Aspen Grove (dayhike) Easy 0.7 miles 
Synopsis: A short, easy hike to a remnant stand of Quaking Aspens, one of only two groves found outside of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Best taken in the fall (September and October) when the Aspens are in color. Good for kids. 
 Forsee Creek and John's Meadow (dayhike) Easy-Moderate 6.6 miles
Synopsis: A short, steep section at the beginning of this hike takes you up into pine-covered forests. After you turn to the west you follow gradual drops and rises often producing nice views to the northwest. Forsee Creek is pretty and full of interesting flora. Beyond John’s Meadow (a former campground just past Forsee Creek) the trail is unmaintained.
 Jenks Lake (dayhike) Easy  1.8 miles
Synopsis: A short easy trip to a nice place for lunch. Jenks Lake has picnic tables, a fishing pier, and good access paths. It can be crowded and noisy on busy summer weekends, but the scenery makes for a pretty stroll. 
 Poop-out Hill (dayhike)  Moderate 5.1 miles 
Synopsis: South Fork trail is one of the main trail leading to San Gorgonio, the tallest peak in southern California. This hike samples just a bit of that trip, going as far as the spur to the Poop-out Hill viewpoint. From here we took an worn and unmaintained trail away from South Fork and ended up going cross-country on an off trail loop. If attempting to duplicate this trip, be sure to bring orienteering gear and skills and know how to read a topo map. (*If unsure, just turn this hike into an out and back and return the way you came.)   
San Jacinto Wilderness    
 Black Mountain Lookout (dayhike) Moderate-Difficult 7.2 miles
Synopsis: The trail begins by climbing, and except for lessening of the grade in the middle (a good time for lunch) doesn't really stop until you reach the top. But the scenery is beautiful, the views are amazing, and judging by our Sunday on the trail, the solitude is complete. If you're looking for an alternative to the very popular Devil's Slide trail down the road in Idyllwild, this is a worthy option.
 Ernie Maxwell Scenic Trail (dayhike)   Easy-Moderate 4.9 miles
Synopsis: Though other trails in the area (Devil's Slide) offer more spectacular vistas, this is a pretty, easy and busy (at least on weekends) hike with views of Suicide Rock and Lily Rock, as well as west to the lowlands. 
 Lake Fulmor (P.O.I.)
Easy 0.5 miles
Synopsis: A nice little walk around a pretty mountain lake. There are plenty of places to take a break and eat some lunch, or just watch the wind on the water. According to some signs the water quality is questionable, but this doesn't seem to deter the fishermen.
 Suicide Rock (dayhike)   Moderate-Difficult 7 miles
Synopsis: Hiking to Suicide Rock is a nice introduction to higher altitude trips. It's got some decent elevation gain, an amazing destination with long views, and pretty trail along the way. Don't let the name dissuade you, this is a great hike.
 Tahquitz Peak Lookout (dayhike) Moderate-Difficult 9.2 miles
Synopsis: This is a spectacular hike through the beautiful forests and rocks of the San Jacinto Wilderness. The first couple of miles include some steady ascent and heavier traffic. After leaving Saddle Junction, though, the crowds thin and the views become expansive. From the fire lookout at the peak the islands of San Clemente and Santa Catalina can be seen on a clear day.

All photos and video by Laura or Bob Camp unless otherwise indicated. Use without permission is not cool.